Spring Snow

10 Apr

This winter in western South Dakota we’ve had quite a few blizzards. Yesterday we even broke the record for most snowfall in a year, and the season’s not even over yet. But yesterday’s snow was different than the blizzards we’ve had before. The wind was light and the snow fell gently, accumulating on the branches of the campus trees. Here are some pictures.

100_2595 Stitch

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It’s Been Awhile

28 Mar

Yikes! It’s been… over 5 months since my last update. I have an excuse. I just launched a new website for the Paleontology Club at the South Dakota School of Mines (where I attend.) You should check it out.

Paleontology Club Website

Snow Day!

6 Nov

Last night the first big winter storm came through dumping around 10 inches of snow, with some of the drifts up to my chest. For you dear readers, I braved the wind driven snow to get pictures.


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A Night to Remember

26 Oct

Yesterday I helped out at the Museum of Geology’s Night at the Museum event. Here are a few photos:

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Top Applicants to The Evil League of Evil

20 Oct

If you havent seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog then this post will be entirely lost on you. Creator Joss Whedon sponsored a contest where aspiring supervillans could submit applications to join the Evil League of Evil. A lot of the applicant’s videos were really good, here’s a rundown of some of my favorites.

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New Adentures

28 Sep

Saturday I went on an excursion with the museum here at School of Mines to the School of Mines Canyon in Badlands National Park.

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Tabula Rasa

30 Aug

I’ve traveled more than 1500 miles, here to Rapid City. After a tearful goodbye my mom boarded her flight back to Santa Maria, and I returned to my car to begin my new life in South Dakota.

I climbed in, inserted the key, turned it and – nothing. I tried again but It still would not start; my battery was dead.

After a jump start from a tow truck and a new battery from Sears I got back in my car to drive to the hotel when I noticed something: The clock was blank, and all my radio presets had been erased. If you’ve ever had your car’s battery die you’ve probably experienced this yourself, disconnecting the power to the radio blanks out it’s memory. None of this really mattered though, as all the radio stations were different here anyway, and since Rapid city is on Mountain Time I would have to reset the clock as well.

It dawned on me that coming here was the same as blanking out the presets on my radio. I still had the same car with all it’s dents and imperfections; but part of my life had been reset and left blank and it was up to me to fill it back in.